It leads so well into the finale. So in my edit I remove filler episodes but if it has a scene I like, I try and combine it within a good episode. What is My Phone Number. I say that and I love this show beyond all belief. I guess I must have been careless. Season 1 was so short because it is filled with freak of the week and no strong overarching story. Reply Juan January 3, at 3: Reply Alexandre Costa November 24, at 5:

Thank you for catching that! Full episode in HD available using Hulu Plus – watch now. By the way kudos for loving Alicia I did as well. Start With a Classic Cult. Yes No Report this. How many of your list would you cut enterily?

Search for ” Phantom ” on Amazon. Reply Movie Lists Man Ss06e22 2, at 5: Trailed off after season 5 and always wanted to watch the mythology episodes.

Smallville: Skippable Episode Guide – Movie Lists Man

Smallville is an interesting show to whittle down. With Kai you get a much better paced show than the original Dragon Ball Z. Lois Lane Allison Mack Reply Movie Lists Man January 2, at 7: Topic is a specific subject of discussion. Good job no complaints. I was thinking in, for example, Lexmas.

So Season Seven is more about transition than it is about a specific story. Lois goes to a dam to search for Lex’s lab but is caught by a security guard and fatally s0e622.


Or would you include some? Reply Movie Lists Man April 9, at 6: Good call including Stray. So is the Native American legend really part sma,lville the main storyline? Or search on popular sources:.

When it shines it wwatch can be something special, however when it is bad man it can be insufferable. Audible Download Audio Books.

Add the first question. Reply Movie Lists Man October 28, at Lex Luthor Erica Durance It was a nice break from Lana.

I spliced a lot of things from the filler episodes of the good scenes to fit them in. Reply Er April 17, at 1: Phantom 17 May 9. The first three seasons of Smallville are like the awkward samllville years where the show is trying to figure itself out. My offer was ignored, but another user recently found my post and asked me if I would still be willing to make the guide.

Probably because they finally introduced Lois. Also it does play into the story later of what Lionel becomes and the fact that he gets cured. From here on out, Smallville transitions away from the town of Smallville and deals more and more with Smallvilel. When Lana is victim of an attempt, Clark arrives in the facility seeking Lex, but he faces the powerful phantom with unpredictable consequences. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Later we learn about how Clark is also known among the Veritas group as The Traveler.


Half the episodes are dedicated to that.

Smallville: Skippable Episode Guide

Goofs Shortly after their cell phone conversation, Lionel see Lana and gets out of his car. Episode emotions How was it?

At first we learn about how Clark fits in with the Native American legend of Naman. Thank you for cutting Lana from this season.

smallfille You gotta have this one man. Spoiler Some users flagged this comment as containing a spoiler. Meanwhile Martha moves to Washington; later Lana tells Clark that she is leaving Lex and explains the reason why she married Lex.

Reply Movie Lists Man January 13, at 6: Awhile back I offered to make someone on the Smallville subreddit an abridged guide to Smallville that skipped all unncessary episodes.

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You can paste URL of the image inside your comment and it will be automatically converted into the image when reading the comment. Donovan Jamison Benjamin Ayres It will just take a little time. Reply Jessy March 8, at 7: I would include episode 12 Leech as well. Then I saw it from then on and the first 3 on morning reruns.