Let me tell you, it was worth the trip in this story too. I think they gave life to the book. The backbone of her tale is the relationship between two very different sisters: Trivia About The Island. As expected, the focus turns back to the island once Maria arrives there which makes the previous chapters seem even more like unnecessary padding. For example, is Anna jealous of her sister or not, and if so why? She also addressed issues such as prejudicy against those that are different and how people’s ignorance makes them act harshly and rashly towards others.

I do not know the area described in the book at all well, my friends live nearer Rethymno, but I have flown in over Spinalonga many times and was aware of its history. I think we all know a bit about leprosy, but it was really enlightening about the overall topic, especially since it is still an epidemic in many third world countries. Some of the characters had absolutely no development during the course of the novel – Anna could have been a really fascinating individual with a little bit more care but instead she was stuck in some kind of morality narrative. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Alexis and her dilemma over whether to dump her boyfriend or not was a bit of a non-starter and an absolutely useless plot device. Is this a blessing in disguise?

The letter instructs Fotini to reveal the details of Sofia’s past to Alexis, something Sofia has found impossible to do.

What Hislkp did not enjoy was the fact that I felt the author was trying to be a woman of all trades and ended up being a master of none. Her first novel, The Island, held the number one slot in the Sunday Times paperback charts for eight consecutive weeks and has sold over two million copies worldwide. If you do read the book, then As a novel, The Island has come in for a fair amount of criticism, that I for one strongly disagree with.

The Island – Victoria Hislop

This island, as the book title suggests, is the centre of the story and tells of this family’s close connection with it. It is here that Alexis meets an old friend of her mother’s, Fotini, who is prepared to tell her for the first time the whole tragic story of her family. Topics Books The Observer. Want to Read saving…. But it all works out in the end — Maria’s beloved moves to her hometown to marry her, and they adopt Sofia.


Anna, meanwhile, has had an affair with Manoli and given birth to Sofia. However the idea that the Vandoulakis family are unaware of the circumstances of the death of Anna’s mother is very difficult to swallow. I read it on my honeymoon, while I was laying on the beach, and I couldn’t put it down.

The Island by Victoria Hislop

The crime of passion a bit OTT, but I felt that the first and last chapter, involving another generation of the family, was rather pointless. I enjoyed the book – partly because the island that the story centers on was the view from our terrace during our honeymoon but also because of the unique topic of the story. It was a realistic portrait of Greece. Sofia takes the news badly, moves away and lives a life of shame and guilt for the pain she caused. No, a promising subject rather mauled in my opinion.

These are people imprisoned behind fortressed walls but they have rights and freedoms that gradually come to heal. I quite liked the character of Maria, even though she was quite a passive character and I usually prefer more sparky female protagonists, she was characterised quite well. Chunks of unnecessarty exposition, character motivations eplained to the nth degree, dialogue avoided like Sep 02, Asghar Abbas rated it really liked it.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Alexis and her dilemma over whether to dump her boyfriend or not was a bit of a non-starter and an absolutely useless plot device. It was just stuck on to tie all the loose ends together.

I read the whole thing in two days. It is the integrity of their character that always helped them to endure the hardships and islxnd and to survive.

Nov 11, Teresa rated it liked it Shelves: The Island by Victoria Hislop.


For Home is gone and it is now in every one of those places you will never visit. But life can be disappointing at times. Thankfully, both medicinal science and the attitude of society to serious illness have made massive advances since those days.


The story of the leper colony on Spinalongi was clearly what drove Hislop in writing this book and the most interesting thing about it. This incident is islznd given context after it is told but no indications of the issues or the character of the individual are given previously. Even her mother, Sofia seemed like a bit of an afterthought. Much of the story is also told rather than shown and seems like an endless list of events rather than drama.

Making her first visit to Crete to see the village where her mother was born, Alexis discovers that the village of Plaka faces the small, now deserted island of Spinalonga, which, she is shocked and surprised to learn was Greece ‘s leper colony for much of the 20th century. None of her characters truly comes alive, characters are bluntly and repetitively described rather synopdis revealed or heard through their hislpp voices in dialogue.

There were a number of other minor irritations in the use and spelling of Greek words as well as some dubious chronological placements. The Island Bookjacket for The Island. Open Preview See a Problem? If you like your characters spoon fed to you, and every meaningful scene ducked I mean, why didn’t we get to see the last evening she and her husband had together?

She discovers how intimately she is connected with the island and with the horror and pity of the leper colony islandd was once there, and learns too that the secrets of the past have the power to change the future. Kyritsis, Maria is given drugs, and eventually she and the other sufferers are healed and the colony is closed.

On her recommendation I began to read The Island and was enthralled by it. I would therefore advise you to put it at the top of you holiday reading list.

The Island Victoria Hislop, Author. For example, is Anna jealous of her sister or not, and if so why? Trivia About The Island.