Mandvi shares her grief with Sita. Rishi Jabali tells Ram that he does not have to fulfill the promise made to Kaikeyi. Lord Shiva, Parvati and Brahma arrive in disguise to attend the wedding. Like 0 Dislike 0. Meanwhile, Sita helps the victims at the ashram. Manthara is elated to learn that Bharat will be the king.

Swayamvar starts and all the princes greet Janak with respect. He convinces them to not support the sacrifice of the Ashwamedh horse. Lakshman too decides to go with Ram on exile. Bharat gets seriously injured and loses consciousness. He tries hard to lift Dhanush. Yes, mandavi behaving like Sita enemy.

Ram enters the ashram to free Ahalya from the curse and becomes emotional when he sees her plight. The Episode starts with Raavan going in Shiv temple.

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eposode Manthara is elated to learn that Bharat will be the king. Kaikeyi longs to make the Bharat the successor. He convinces them to not support the sacrifice of the Ashwamedh horse. Dasharath requests Sita and Vashist to stop Ram from leaving. Meanwhile, Lakshman tells Ram that Dasharath has agreed to the wedding. Kaikasi asks Ravan to attack Indradev. Bharat asks Mandvi and Vashist about Ram.


Sita decides to accompany Ram on his exile. Dasharath finds comfort epiosde Ram’s words.

The Gods attack Ravan, but fail. Vibhishan tells Mandodari about a nectar that can make Ravan immortal. Dashrath tells Rishi Vashisth that he has decided to crown Ram as the king of Ayodhya and makes an announcement about the same.

Sita greets the Dhanush. Sita and her sisters see the ashrams demolished by the asuras.

Ram saves Mithila from the flood. Lakshman Lakshman chases a mysterious demon and falls off a cliff. Sita asks Urmila to find out Ram’s food choices.

Mandodari confronts Malyavan for helping Ravan in his misdeed.

Rishi Vashisth talks to Ram about the latter’s coronation. Ram and Laxman leave. Tues, 12 Jan 16 – Episode Maharishi Yagyawalkya tells Lord Parashuram about Tadaka vadh.

He promises to fulfill episove wishes. Sunaina consoles Janak as he worries about Sita’s marriage. Laxman tries to fight off Tataka, but is overpowered. The newly-weds take a stroll in the forest.

Siya Ke Ram 20th January 2016 EPISODE | Sita Svayamvar Begins

Sage Vishwamitra appears in time to save him. Sage Vishwamitra bestows the dreadful weapon, Brahmastra on Ram. Sita consoles Shatanand as he grieves over his mother, Ahalya’s curse. Kaikeyi asks Yudhjit to take Bharat with him to Kekaya.


Shatrughan decides to accompany Bharat to Kekaya.

Bharat gets seriously injured and loses consciousness. Ram releases a horse in order to complete the Ashwamedh Yagna. Sita tries to comfort Dasharath on seeing him in pain.

Sita is in love with Ram and daydreams about him. 81th is frightened to see a gigantic snake. Sunaina worries about Ravan; Janak consoles her. Meanwhile, Vishwamitra decides to take Ram and Lakshman to Mithila. Kaikesi slaps Surpanakha for seeking revenge from Ravan.