Similar to other products on the market 1 Poor. Results The two groups were comparable with regards to age, gender, side of cast, and hand dominance. Temporal measures of application and drying duration were quantified in minutes. Interestingly, the two cast liners differ in their chemical composition. Recruitment Patients were recruited between May and June , and ceased once the stipulated sample size was achieved. All the analyses were performed using Stata Intercooled

The mean age of the entire cohort was 9. Took only a day or two to become comfortable 3 Fairly comfortable after a few days 2 Took up to a week to become comfortable 1 Uncomfortable for greater than a week Weight of the cast 5 Light cast. All qualitative questionnaire components were scored on a 3- or 5-point scale. Wolff and James have shown benefits of a Gore-Tex waterproof cast liner in children with hip spicas [ 7 ]. The study was undertaken in the Fracture Clinic of an urban tertiary referral center in Australia, where an average of 2, casts are applied annually. No rubbing 4 Comfortable.

The methodology provides a suitable template for an evidence-based approach to evaluating casting materials and other interventions in institutions considering modifications to their casting discontiued. Baseline data The mean age of the entire cohort was 9. Considering the possibility that a fracture in the dominant extremity could affect the subjective functional outcomes, an ordinal logistic regression for predicting overall satisfaction was completed.

Following cast removal by a clinical nurse, an assessment of skin condition was completed by the cast technician. A sample size of convenience was taken, with a total of patients. Satisfactory, 2—3 negative comments 2 Below average. Similar to other prpcel on the market 1 Poor.

Sophie McCallum for her contribution to the data collection. No rubbing 4 Comfortable. This property is valued in the paediatric population, in whom both hygiene and recreational activities are made significantly easier.


During the course of the study, an interim analysis after allotments was planned, but was carried out when patients were recruited.

: Swim Cast Waterproof Cast Padding

Children under the age of 18 years with newly diagnosed, minimally displaced lineer distal radius fractures requiring below-elbow cast immobilization were enrolled in the study.

Due to the lack of validated scoring systems, the above-mentioned questionnaires were devised considering the relevant outcomes.

The simple randomization technique may be questioned; however, the lack of a significant difference in the relevant baseline characteristics of the groups indicates adequate randomization. Acknowledgments The authors would like to acknowledge Ms.

Fairly easy to get used to.

Overall quality score—my impression of overall cast padding quality. Took only a day or two to become comfortable. Waterproof casts have been shown to provide adequate support and immobilization in fractures.

Padding longevity—loft retention and cushioning retention. Open in a separate window.

Published online Jan 8. Analysis of 8, fractures with special reference to incidence, etiology and secular changes in a Swedish urban population — The numbers at that point were found to be adequate to show a difference between the interventions and, thus, the trial was stopped.

Waterproof cast liners in paediatric forearm fractures: a randomized trial

A rationalized casting construct must, therefore, be physically sound, clinically acceptable, and technically compliant. A comparison of the mechanical properties of fiberglass cast materials and their clinical relevance. Clinical assessment and both patient- and technician-reported outcome measures were utilized. Difficult to use arm Itchiness 5 No itch pricel all 4 Rarely itchy 3 Sometimes itchy.

This current research provides a scoring system to evaluate the outcome of cast application and, once validated, will allow reliable and accurate comparisons.


Swim Shower or Bath in a waterproof orthopedic cast material called Gore Procel Castliner.

Did not interfere with activities 4 Fairly light. Temporal measures of application and drying duration were quantified in minutes. A shower or wash prcoel to relieve the itchiness 2 Frequently itchy but tolerable 1 Very itchy, made life miserable Hot and sweaty 5 Seemed to be normal temperature to me 4 Hot at times on warm days, tolerable 3 Often warm but relief in cooler rooms 2 Hot feeling, worried me, complained a lot 1 Very hot or sweaty, wanted it off at times Smell 5 No smell 4 Occasional smell, barely detectable 3 Smelly after a busy day 2 Some odor when sniffing discobtinued, others did not comment 1 Very smelly, other people commented Water resistance—your happiness with the linet taken for the cast padding to dry 5 Excellent 4 Very good 3 Good overall 2 Only just OK 1 Awful How long did it take to dry?

After consent and recruitment, the plaster technician randomly picked an envelope from the box and the listed intervention was assigned. Limited several activities 2 Moderately heavy. The possibility of bias due to prior experience discontiinued the technician and the learning curve is inherent to the study design. The Wilcoxon rank-sum test was used to compare continuous ratio level data that were significantly skewed. Very easy to apply 3 Normal.

StevensonAbhay D.