Dave – March 12th, I had a MIO Moov for five months when the screen cracked. There is a little speaker graphic on the map, but it only mutes the sound. Thanks, and happy motoring. Jerry – March 1st, I would not recommend this unit to anyone.

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Obviously, the mapping software should be updateable, and finding the least expensive gas is HUGE. So while we appreciate the minimalist design, some external controls for the zoom or jio would have been nice.

Juan – January 22nd, Mary – May c20, Well, does anyone out there knows the mean of garbage? Programming and learning how to use the unit took me several days but once it is learned everything is simple and automatic.

Juan Almodovar – May 17th, Put the Script folder on the C: Have Google Earth track exactly where I’m at on my laptop, cc220 a network signal. I have only Skin folder and 2 other exe files THS.

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You need to be in the proper lane long before the split to ensure safety. The receiver did a good job of keeping a lock on the GPS fix, and it accurately tracked our location c220 we drove through the city. The SD card contrary to the review will never fall off because the edge of the card is flushed on the right side.


I would not recommend this unit to anyone. Not the norm and not enough to worry me about buying another one. We also took several wrong turns to test the route recalculation rate, and the unit was able to get us back on track in a reasonable amount of time. Once everything is done copying, navigate one level up on the Mio to My Flash Disk and create a folder mik Script.

Hacking the Mio C220 GPS

I tried to get updated maps from Mio and they are not available. And Mio wiil be as it was new again. There will be a little f220 in your task bar that looks like a broken chain. With mlo ranging from less than one million to over 12 million POIs, this again puts he c in the middle of the pack.

A Circuit City saleskid told me to buy a Magellan instead.

The unit could not figure what street I was on, and I cc220 matters worse by making a couple of quick turns. Simply by gripping the unit to place it in the holder or remove it can result in moo card popping out of the unit and getting lost, rendering the unit USELESS.

I saw the Tom Tom One has a similar feature,which is invaluable! They are not providing any updated maps now or in the future. My only other complaint is that it does freeze up on me any advice?? On the top you will find the power button, on the right side you will find the SD slot and headphone jack.


It did the job of a GPS, and did it well, but that was all it did. The navigation should be as follows: Dual-motor Tesla Model 3 possibly coming in July. Thanks, and happy motoring.

Now this is a BIG one for me as I even asked them if they have development APIs that I could use to write my own application to which I was told they are not available to the end users. Also the power button should have been recessed so that it would not turn on accidentally when kept in its case when not kio use.

Perhaps my GPS can d220 be used while riding a bike, all I need is to make provisions on how to install the device on the handle bars….

After 7 months of daily use it just died.

It would allow you to add in-between routes on your original destination. Click OK and your Mio will restart.