Kemm konna hadna pjacir! I am so the one for him. Now you see, I thought of that and brought along someone who can help AND talk a mile an hour. Je ne sais pas! What can I do eh?! I feel like mountain — climbing, do you have any mountains in Malta?

But hey, better ask about its guarantee because you never know. He would have had no air.. A Virtual Private Network. U aghmel li trid! In fact we are known as the G squared brothers. Irene is still smiling. Vella taf, ghandi l-olympics allurra mhux ha nlahhaq, ghax ghandi l-olympics.

M6 is still running around screaming and falls over; lying on the floor next to M4. Gaffarena is sitting on stool behind table[shop attendant]. Why didn’t I think of those before? Like a princess I shall be. Irene is walking up and down the stage and Christabel is playing with her hair].

Watch our new video for Mama: Imbaghad immorru t-tempji fejn hemm il mara l-hoxna pictures of the places mentioned from projector. I order you to find me a wife. Cikka, Cikka kelma zghira please.


Come on sister, be bright sister. What’s a VPN, are they legal and does Netflix care. Morina enters stage again with a surprised look on her face.

This calls for an emergency landing. You know where I mean? This statue to our right is what we call the statue of liberty. Don’t Worry be Happy tune. Ghax saret De Giovanni issa! One percent discount on all items, ma tfallix zgur.

Not for much longer.

Come on in Boys! Now, you should know that the boss is rich and whoever is chosen is going to have her yawdenz turned upside down. Aw Mundu my friend, kemm hawn sabih.

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Christabel and Morina are on-stage standing on two different sides. Ghax You’re wide at the Mouth! How much does it cost?

So much for style! Without coffee you are worse off than Mrs. Mamja only we could take this lady for the Boss — the ideal woman — nice round figure, very quiet shame she’s made of stone [sighs]. Gaffarena, a Ferrari for your sister. What can I do eh?! Anyway, why should you complain?


Mamma Mia Gawdenz

Powered by Youtube API. Gawdenz and George W. What is it you want Mr. Gatt — walks out] Mr. Terms and Conditions May Apply. How to get access to UK Netflix?

Watch netflix using vpn

The one before the last is the best. I broke a nail!! No, no I prefer La Cucina. You’re still eating that cake?! All look at robots. U igdem ilsienek ha nahsiba naqra! I know, I know.

Ejja binti, we have to go to Alamango to choose your dress and mine.

IS-SALIB TAL-FIDDA (maltese drama) part 1 – BuzzTMZ

Doing good for my nation. All the way from the states. Put your words to music. A little manma, ghandu family pack bhal tal-KFCC, lsienu taz-zokkor Ok, the pain went.