Up for a challenge? Golu, Saraswati puja, Vidyarambham Will you save or spend? Ten ways to deal with annoying people We are inspired by idiots plaguing many a good people’s lives and hopefully will aid you a little in your own. How to negotiate your salary Career planning expert Amit Bansal will answer queries on how to deal with job interviews between 2 pm and 3 pm on Wednesday, September Capturing memories of days gone by Three engineers from India wanted their college memories to go beyond just a group-photo. Top 5 smartphones to capture low light Diwali photos These handsets priced between Rs 10, and Rs 50, are best for low light photography. How Apurva Gilche became a pilot The story of a Pune girl who followed her dreams in the face of overwhelming odds.

She’s got the look! Take this quiz and test your financial quotient. To most of us they are one and the same and are often used interchangeably in conversation. But which one scores better when it comes to saving more tax or getting better returns? Ten truly bizarre outfits The hashtag and the smiley are fantastic while texting but best kept off the runway. How often should you workout?

Take this English grammar quiz Think you know your verbs and pronouns well enough? The Indian is here! It is one of my dreams to be featured in Playboy For a woman born and brought up in a conservative Kerala village to be an ,ovie bikini model is an unusual choice of career. Don’t get swayed by past performances Past performance is undoubtedly very luring, but should you rely on it?

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Chocolates don’t just add inches to your waist; they can also add money to your bank account if you take on the role of a chocolatier. Olympus Stylus Khjuraho camera: By packing in a quad core processor, a high end camera, memory card slot among other features, the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact may shatter the tradition that any phone with the ‘Mini’ tag has to take a hit on specs, says.

Smartphone for the aam aadmi at Rs 14k The Motorola Moto G is a cracker of a phone at an enticing price point believes. Million dollar-advice from investment guru John Bogle Here’s what made the founder of the world’s largets mutual fund help his investors create wealth.


What saves you more tax and makes you richer The Public Provident Fund and National Savings Certificate are the most popular tax-saving investments. Ten truly bizarre outfits The hashtag and the smiley are fantastic while texting but best kept off the runway.

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When to sell a stock The secret to knowing when to sell a long-term holding lies in doing your homework ilaarasi even before you buy the stock in the first place. Do you really need Rs 8 crore for your retirement? Archana Rao’s latest collection sought inspiration from Japanese tea.

Montgomery Clift suffers partial paralysis in his face after a car wreck while working on Raintree County.

Here’s what you must know about chit funds before investing your money. What are they looking for and what must you do to make the most of the opportunity? The most spectacular university buildings in the world A list compiled by Hamburg-based real estate data mining company Emporis.

Applying to a foreign university? Capturing memories of days gone by Three engineers from India wanted their college memories to go beyond just a group-photo.

Send this guy your best mango recipe! Will Nokia’s love affair with Android succeed? Why this Kashmiri model at LFW is feeling homesick From Kashmir’s Badgam district, Rouhallah Quazim, nicknamed Ghazi, talks about modeling, how the fashion scene is changing in Kashmir and why he is missing home so ilwvarasi. We’d love to see it! How to crack Critical Reasoning Remember not to draw inferences or conclusions before reading the options.

Enormously popular Flappy Bird’s grounding by its Vietnamese developer Nguyen Ha Dong seems to have given wings to several other birds who are now flapping all over the web. What is khajuuraho listening strategy? We got married without her parents’ permission We asked you, our dear readers to share your 2 States stories with us.


Should India worry about its poor form? Why Yash Naidu’s home loan was rejected Besides a good CIBIL score, khajugaho also look at the applicant’s ability to pay off the additional debt burden.

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A fairy tale wedding Philanthropists Dinesh and Kalpana Patel share colours of tradition from their daughter’s wedding. Cheapest Harley Davidson bikes in India?

What’s hot, what’s not! How to build a second career A workshop to guide women to build a second career after a break.

After paying such a whopping amount you would perhaps dream of racing with the wind. A farmer’s son explains The fascinating story of Gopi Reddy who will give away his award money to two promising school students. Readers sent us pictures of their kids on their first day to school. Here’s what it took to get it back.

University of Warwick launches scholarships for Indians A total of 17 scholarships are open for India-domiciled applicants with an excellent academic record. Beware before you get ensnared! Take this quiz How fitness conscious are you? With a processor and camera that just about makes the cut, the Grand 2 is bound to face competition in the market from home grown brands. Fitness trainer Jivesh Shetty offers simple tips to get that enviable body.

Rashmi Nigam shows off her toned abs! These students want to mentor India’s at-risk juveniles meets the founder and volunteers of Uplift Humanity, a non-profit organisation that skills, mentors and teaches juveniles and orphans and helps them build self-esteem and honesty HTC One E8 Rs 35, Does age really matter?

Share your best photograph of ! But will it succeed? Neglect this date at your own peril! Humphrey Bogart dies of throat cancer.