It was an awsome series.. He is not our emir whose heart was clear as crystial ,he is someone else played by the same actor ofcourse. This should have been the main action of the series, but unfortunately it was too soon cancelled. Is there any news G: November 19, at 3: Maybe they should have made another completely different story, not a sequel to Feriha. I will convince her not to bow down to your threatening. Then why do you bow down to my blacmailing.

Plz give link of trailer of episode 9. Johanna April 22, at 5: If this would be a new series and we have not watched AFK then its fine but we have watched Emir’s love for feriha in previous seasons. Will pay the price for everything K: Later in the story due to a misunderstanding, Feriha leaves Emir and goes to U. These are the people who gave us so much to think in AFK. Sigue compartiendo con nosotros, tus visitantes, historias de otros idiomas para que todos aprendamos. When Feriha’s family get to know about her relationship with Emir, her father gets very furious and decides to send her back to the village.

What were you talking with her? If it had ended there, that would have been it. However Emir saves her from Halil’s trap.

TV series summaries: Emir’s Way/Emir’in Yolu episode 8 synopsis (last episode)

Don’t you want to talk H: I’m not in a state to play as guests with your sister. Newer Post Older Post Home. This seems so rediculous and funny to me.


Thes sequences denies comoletely what had happened before. But now there’s nothing that i fear of E: I am depressed after the end of feriha. I even searched for the episodes in Turkish to see the incidents however I won’t understand the language but I didn’t even find them. Nisha vaishnav August 26, at 2: I am sorry, I didn’t want to give you false information. Hande are you fine. I’m fed yklu with your questions Eg: To me that doesn’t say that Feriha died. It seems that there were deleted and what is now under the title of Emir’in Yolu ep.

Anonymous May 6, at BTW u did a nice job. I won’t talk for longer. Because they break our heart.

Stay away from trouble If it’s not for the work I don’t invite her at my home. I do not like emirin yoluthe story has changed the path to romance emir and gunesh. I will find a new one.

TV series summaries: Emir’s Way/Emir’in Yolu episode 7 synopsis

She read the news, got crazy and went out. I have seen Emir’s eglish next to feriha’s grave in one ov the video so will emir die in season 3?? I want you to believe me more then anything else.

I’ll gather my things and also the scared clients.

But I want you to listen me E: If gunes work is here, is here, not at your home H: I am with him because I want to. I said to him you are lef-confident but you’re behaving exactly how emir wants.


I really wish Hande and Koray elisode ended up together. They forgive each other and get reconciled.

I told you it would be a special night G: Answer me in one thing. Hande, find a new coworker for you.

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You know why you came Eg: U said that with englihs of gunes emir went to punish ece This is my work place and I don’t want problems here E: Like you said, it was short and ended.

They can not be fooled as par directors wish. Now what does this boat remind you G: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He spies on her interactions with Emir and snaps after seeing their display of affection. Hikma Alkatiri August 22, at 4: Eimrin won;t be again the girl of that night emir. Retrieved 11 February I am ready to listen to you.

Emir’in Yolu

Thats why for me thier AFK ends at wedding and moreover at her death. Wasn’t that you regretI said you this many times but you didn’t believe. Emiirin liked improved acting of Emir and Gunesh was also looking great. WHAT can be said after reading this: Views Read Edit View history.