It turns out she is something even more mysterious. Because of these, the Princess is planning to sabotage Dyesebel so that Liro will not pursue her interest on the mermaid. At the end, Dyesebel finds her shell necklace near the bay which gives her a clue that Banak just might be around the city. Dyesebel tells her how it feels that something is empty and something is missing in her life. She cannot accept that Liro loves Dyesebel and not her. Everyone is present at the church, especially Fredo who is excited waiting for her bride.

Betty ran upstairs to see what he is hiding because he was truly lying. One day, she talks to the queen about her ideas for their kingdom. Fredo falls deeply in love with Dyesebel and she is in loved with him as well. Betty feels her mother Lucia has only known Dyesebel for such short time but it feels like they have known each other for so long. The wedding of Fredo and Dyesebel is finally happening. What will happen next, now that Dyesebel learns the truth?

Later, Reyna Dyangga receives a warning about a mermaid that can remove her from her throne.

Retrieved from ” https: It is also his way of saying sorry for what he has done to her. But Dyangga is preparing for Dyesebel’s return to the sea as she plans to eliminate her.

Betty could not really get it how her epiode mother does not care so much about her. Meanwhile, Betty and Elena find out that Dyesebel is only adopted by Banak. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He finds the place where this man was hiding. Upon seeing each other, Dyesebel tries to control her feelings and tells Fredo to stay away from her. Liro is a good soldier in their kingdom. She is now finding a way to get rid of Dyesebel.


Liro pursues his plan to kidnap Dyesebel. To capture time, treasure every moment in your life and let the time that slowly slips away memorable and worthy to be kept as sweet memories.

Blogger Templates created by Deluxe Templates. Unfortunately, two drunkards catch sight of the mermaid and call some company. On the following night, Fredo invites Dyesebel in a dinner.

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Now, Liro steals the magic conch-shell from Reyna Dyangga, and gives it back to Dyesebel as a proof of his loyalty. She cannot accept the fact that she has now an elder sister. Meanwhile, Banak goes to the merkingdom and informs Dyesebel that Stella died.

The whole family is grieving especially, Fredo who cannot come during the funeral for saving Dyesebel. Under the sea, Banak brings baby Beatriz to a quiet and safe place. She decided to hone her talents of dancing and singing, but ultimately decided to focus on the latter.

It turns out she is something even more mysterious. He has to do something about it, and he has to protect his love for Dyesebel. After being saved by Dyesebel, Fredo wants to see her again.

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Now, the entire plan is working. Tino uses the magic conch-shell to turn his baby Beatriz back to human. Fredo already admitted that he loves Dyesebel and Betty was there to witness it.

But his anxiety has been replaced by fear that he might lose Dyesebel. Thank you for dropping by. She feels that Banak prat secrets about her true identity. She could not help it, for she needs to protect her mother.


Reyna Dyangga learns that Prince Tino’s human wife, Lucia, still lives and decides to use Liro for an important task. Together with Eppisode and Octavio, Liro organizes a coup d’etat against Dyangga to set things right in their kingdom.

The latter is willing to do everything just to see her okay. After seeing Dyesebel, Betty instantly leaves her and informs everybody that she is a mermaid!

It is too late, even for Liro who now has evil plans against the humans epizode even to Dyesebel.

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Dyesebel feels excited to inform Lucia, her real mother, the truth about her identity. Now, eplsode starts to find Dyesebel and Banak. Fredo falls deeply in love with Dyesebel and she is in loved with him as well. Fredo saves the mermaid with Dante his father. During the engagement party, Betty sees Dyesebel having a mermaid tail, while she is in the restroom.

But Dyesebel is afraid to fail and that things will never come up as they should be. Now, Dyesebel needs to sacrifice as she saves a family drowning in the sea.

Instantly, Dyesebel learns the news through Fredo and Liro. On land, Betty wins a swimming competition while Fredo is revealed as her boyfriend.

But Dyangga will never stop until she eliminate Dyesebel and get the magic conch-shell.