However, he quickly realizes that her death is linked to a serial killer he was trying to arrest when he fell ill. A new drug for allergies, it needs to be tested; and the pharmaceutical company needs it’s Guiana pigs. How on Earth is this a solid effort? Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added and coming Got rather dull at the end when they decided to give up on making it a believable plot. Once they are there they are searched, for alcohol, cell phones, and any personal devices. The New Yorker – David Denby.

Also, it has more side effects. Even as it ends in a flurry of absurd plot twists, Blood Work holds you in a vise. This is one of todays horror flicks that has plot, and plenty of thrills. Greg arms himself with a fire axe and searches through the facility for Rob, having to kill Stacey when she attacks him. Yes No Report this. Eastwood is at his usual greatness, but sometimes the thriller feels unengaging. Well, you live and learn.

The year-old star, who is centerscreen throughout, makes this rather far-fetched yarn go down much more easily than it otherwise might have. When Greg finds out, he wants out; but the others don’t. I’m a huge “Travis Van Winkle” fan so I was pleased he was one of the stars. I think that anyone considering taking part in a medical experiment in the near future may think twice about going through with it after they see this movie and witness what could possibly happen when things get out of control.

What’s left is a wan and impersonal whodunnit — a movie that never gets into your blood. A chilling movie with a predictable plot, good acting, great concept, interesting conclusion. The Dark Lurking Rivers’s sister was murdered in cold blood by a mugger, and her heart was used for McCaleb’s transplant; now, Rivers wants McCaleb to find her sister’s killer.

Blood Work

The subject is overly used, the actors are OK, the logic in the film is missing, no scares, no tension, just a lot of mediocre moments that lead to a very weak ending. Spoiler Loved the set up for when Dr.


The ending could have been better; but this was a cool movie for a B horror film. Nothing special to write home about, but nothing really bad that I need to warn everyone to avoid it.

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Synopsiis agrees to take on the case, but he quickly discovers his weakened physical condition makes the rigors of handling an investigation far harder and more difficult than its ever been before; he also can no longer drive a car, and must persuade his oddball friend from the marina,Buddy Noone Jeff Danielsto ferry him around town. A list that is trying to contain every horror film made that is not lost and is found on the…. Blood Work bleeds with discomfort.

The staff want to keep things calm, while the test subjects want to return to normal. Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word The plot becomes more and more convoluted as it goes on, until the ridiculous twist ending.

If you know anything about drug trials half the group gets the drug ; and the other half placebo. Paul Rodriguez as Ronaldo Synposis. He is normal, has no transformations; and is grossed out by rotting food, dead animals, bugs, and E. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Later, the subjects just 20112 to get out alive. Wilcox is willing to pay to the trial subjects and staff.

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It is sort of interesting I wouldn’t tell someone never to watch it, well it would depend on what time slot they were looking to fill I guess. Not a very good film? They quickly discover their two week English-language films films s thriller films Canadian thriller films Canadian independent films American thriller films American films American independent films Films shot in Greater Sudbury. Terry McCaleb Eastwood was one of the best and most thorough detectives at the FBI’s Southern California office, until a massive heart attack sidelined him from police work for good.


But still, if you manage to switch off your brain functions and look passed all these hopelessly annoying defaults, you’ll find a worthwhile thriller perfectly suitable for a lazy Saturday evening in a comfortable couch. Melvin White Super Reviewer.

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Maybe it’s because the bloodwoek film audience falls for it every time. Dec 22, Rating: Bloodwork is a ripoff that failed badly, showed some potential here and there but it didn’t work out well. A car stops for them, driven by Aaron, who survived his injuries. One night at a secluded farmhouse deep in the Northern California woods, a small group of hardened young bikers and their girlfriends are tormented when one of the girls becomes savagely I4″ Rumors, And More!

Sadly it turned out to be the bad way. This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat It had some great gross out moments and some creepy bite your lip moments as well.

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So sad I got fooled by all those positive reviews and quite a good rating too. And you’ll be good as new.

I still enjoyed it, especially the gore, the science behind the story and the performances. I applaud the filmmakers for going a different route and making the horny comedy relief character the hero while the obvious choice is basically just a mindless freak for the rest of the movie.